• A New Way to go Solar

    When our founder TJ wanted to install solar, he searched far & wide for a good solar company. He found zero choices & flexibility. It was their gold plated way - designed for their convenience & profit, or the highway.

  • Designed by a Home Owner

    After extensive research & discussions with solar companies & manufacturers, TJ decided to forge a new path. He invented a no-frills approach that finally makes solar affordable & accessible to most home owners.

  • Installs Only

    We are the only solar install service we could find in New England. We will install your solar with all the necessary permits. We will also help you with the utility inter-connection request. Most solar DIY projects die here.

  • Unconventional

    If you have the cash to do conventional solar, we encourage you to go with other solar companies who can offer you long service plans & warranties. We only provide install & maintenance services. This model is NOT for everyone.

  • No Frills

    We provide services - not parts nor service plans or warranties. This approach is designed for those who have the time to understand solar , but don't have liquid cash to pay for the entire install in one go - which is quite ridiculous if you think about it.

  • Imagine

    A system where you can buy the components you want, at your convenience. Install when you are ready to make the plunge, upgrade whenever you want to. The conventional way only seems easier; it could actually be harder in the long run.

  • Serving New England

    We are not your typical solar company. This service is for tech savvy Home owners who have done their research, know what they want, and are not afraid to roll up their sleeves. You should be able to understand basic solar technology & take ownership of the solar system after the install. We believe this is the best long term approach for most home owners.

About Us

Origin Story

Our startup was founded when our Founder and CEO TJ was trying to install solar for his home in New England. TJ is a Software Engineer. You can learn more about his work here. TJ found that all solar companies provide the same kind of install options, all of which were too expensive and required large, long-term loans equal to buying a luxury car.

As an example, why would you buy a luxury car on a loan, when you would be unable to sell it to someone else if you wanted to after 5-6 years? A solar loan seemed like a long-term trap to TJ.

TJ wanted to install solar his way, using an affordable Hybrid String Inverter in a zero export, grid-tie design. None of the solar companies, including the biggest and more reputable ones were willing to do a zero export, or off-grid solar install. It made no sense for TJ to sell electricity back to the Utility company at a cheaper rate than what they sold him electricity for.

Cornered by the solar companies and stressed by the increasing utility bills which were set to go even higher in 2023, TJ invented a better way to install solar without a solar loan, for Home Owners who could afford to pay less than $10K in cash for the install (depending on install size). Home Owner costs would be reduced by them being able to purchase solar equipment directly from a website with a credit card.

The hardest part was finding a solar install partner. TJ had almost given up after months of searching for someone willing to just install solar at a reasonable cash price. TJ finally found a few companies who was willing to work with him and the startup was born.


When TJ tried to find solar panels online, he contacted all the major websites which sell solar panels. Only a few of them responded, and most of them were bored sales people who could not help TJ find the right panel for his needs. Only one website impeccably stood out from the rest of the websites: shopsolarkits.com.

ShopSolarKits.com has the best sales and technical people TJ has ever seen in his career. They answered all his questions very patiently and explained everything in extraordinary detail. Some calls went over 45 minutes. They were able to explain everything from Hybrid Inverter wiring to sub panel connections and environment details for inverters and batteries.

TJ was also able to verify from our install team that they provided the best prices as compared to buying solar equipment from a local store. The people behind this website know what they are doing and their customer service is impeccable. Because of this experience, we recommend this website for all your solar purchases. Of course, be sure to discuss with our install team before you hit the buy button, so you are sure that we can install the equipment you have purchased.


Solar Installs

We can install your solar.

Solar Upgrades

and.. upgrade that system, on request.

Solar Maintenance

and.. help maintain that system, on request.



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Contact Us

We have completed our pilot solar project in Southern New Hampshire successfully. We are now taking on projects from customers.

Much has changed since we first started. We have realized it is best to go with components familiar to the installers and which they trust from experience. It is not just about trust, it is also about selecting components which work with each other & which they know work well with each other. You can still choose to pay for these components yourself ensuring that you don't have any long term loans, while being able to procure the best components instead of being forced to go with cheaper stuff which is low-cost and unreliable.

The installation does take a while to happen while waiting for the components to arrive, and getting the permits from the city, the inspection & getting the permission to operate from the Utility. Solar is definitely for the patient. If none of this fazes you and everything looks interesting, do feel free to reach out directly. The sooner you get on the queue, the faster your installation will happen!


Concord, NH

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